i like old maps. the second one is the oldest map ever.


i found these old marks of anchors and other things. i think they are really cool.

Some new work

Here are some new pieces I've been working on...

Check out this blog. It is great, and I will someday, probably in the summer get mine going more in this style.....


here are some books that i have recently made. the words and phrases are all messed up translations. since i think they are funny, i've collected them from various places and stored them away for use on my books. my aim is to present these mess ups in a beautiful way, like poetry.
title: please pay more attention to the grass, flowers, and lives

title: be careful to climb over

title: please appear to the emergency prudently

new cups

here are some new cups that i made this fall and winter.

this is from a set of about 12 cups that i made, all with anchors on them. i really like anchors and have wanted to do a series of anchor cups for a while.

these are black mountain cups with sgraffito and blue and light blue slips.

these are from last year, thought i would post them because they go with the others. i love the black mountain clay body.